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Moving Forward With You!
Vote for Garnet!


I have – and always will – advocate that everyone should have an affordable home and improved quality of life.


Our population is aging and this issue needs to be addressed sooner rather than later and I intend to bring this issue to the forefront.


Our beautiful waterfront and newly renovated downtown are vastly underused and I want to see Belleville become more of a tourist destination.


I think you’ll be hard pressed to find a councillor who will work harder than I do in this role. I give it my all and I promise you I’ll continue to do just that!

Why Choose Garnet?

Garnet Thompson was first elected to council in 2006, then re-elected in 2010 and subsequently 2014. He is seeking a fourth term to serve the City of Belleville once again.  Garnet says “I love this community. I understand it as well as anyone. I want to keep on working for Belleville to help our city retain its community values as it grows and expands.  What’s attractive about Belleville is its sense of being a caring community. That’s very significant. It is important that we don’t lose sight of that value”.   Vote for Garnet Thompson for city council!

  • EXPERIENCE:  With 12 years on council, Garnet has the experience to make things happen!
  • KNOWLEDGE: Garnet knows the NUMBERS and UNDERSTANDS the ISSUES the city must deal with.
  • PASSION: Garnet Thompson is passionate about this city!
  • CONVICTION: No one works harder, attends more functions or is on more working committees than Garnet.

Vote for


Among Garnet’s goals for the next four years are better use of our waterfront for public activities, more accessible housing and improved long-term care facilities and home care programs.  As a long-time resident in Belleville, Garnet has been involved in many, many civic organizations and sports groups. He has volunteered  hundreds of hours of work with a United Church men’s group, the Alzheimer’s Society, Operation Red Nose and numerous other community oriented initiatives. Garnet often represents the city at community events – whether it be hockey games, baseball games, ribbon-cutting ceremonies or civic receptions, you can count on Garnet to be there.

Garnet is optimistic about the City of Belleville.  He points out the advantages of our beautiful location on the Bay of Quinte, our historical sites and heritage buildings, as well as our many amenities from the newly renovated sports arena to its theatres, parklands and trails.


12 years on city council!


Garnet knows the numbers!


Garnet loves this city!


Garnet works hard!

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